A note about the Internet:

Please stay smart online!

  • Keep your personal details private, like your phone number, your address, your name
  • Use a nickname, not your real name
  • Be respectful of people - be nice. Don't say things online that you wouldn't want said to you!
  • Not everything online is true! Anyone can put anything on the internet!


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Specific Research Needs:

Waste Woes

Tips and Tricks - Using the Internet

  • Use quotes for internet searches, if you’re looking for a phrase. Otherwise, you will get sites that have the 1st word and 2nd word, but not necessarily together! For example “Miami Dolphins”.

Who is the author of the information?

What is the purpose of the website? Is it to inform, explain or persuade?

When was the information last updated?

Is the information on the website similar to other information you have seen?

If you are unsure about whether the information is true, try to verify the information with at least 2 other sources.

  • Google is not the source of your information – it is a search engine. A search engine goes out into the World Wide Web and hunts for pages that have your search words in them. It then returns a page of search results that you can click on to find more information.
  • No need to print all the pages out! On your note pages, write down the important information about the site and print just selections or a certain number of pages.

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